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Age of Decay



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Death Rock Radio Always on Demand


Deathrock Radio is the place to hear your favorite Dark Guitar oriented bands. Created April 20th 2011 by veteran Dj and music journalist Dj Rivithead a longtime musician and Underground music advocate.
Once a cd review and interview journalist for Gothic Beauty, New Grave, Legends, Rivotrag and Culture Shock magazines in the early to mid 2000's. A musician who has opened for The Cruxshadows, Seraphim Shock, Voltaire, Jay Ashton, Nothing Inside, Enemy Of God, Earth Empire, Fixmer McCarthy, Nitzer Ebb and many more.
A scene veteran who's sole purpose in life is to provide a voice for the Dark Alternative music scenes. Involved with station programming with over a dozen stations in the past and two currently in operation, Radio Chaos Tampa an Industrial based station and DEATHROCK RADIO my baby featuring Deathrock, Gothrock, Post Punk, Punk, Dark Cabaret, Old Wave, Ethereal and so much more.

Gothic Lolita Wigs & Rock Star Wigs

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In 2010, Gothic Lolita Wigs was formed in Houston, Texas to fill a void that many lovers of Japanese fashion faced when trying to find a reliable/desirable place to help them top off their carefully coordinated looks. We started off with a bang when our first collection of 3 styles sold out in two weeks to our initial customer base consisting mainly of young women who dress in the "sweet lolita" style. Our designs have broadened from our initial sweet designs to include many classic and goth styles. With the expanded collection, GLW quickly exploded onto the global marketplace in large thanks to the webisphere and word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers praising our high-quality, stylish, fun, "kawaii" and unique wigs. A large portion of our sales are now from customers who might not necessarily be into lolita or Japanese fashion, but who like to incorporate elements of it into their own style.

We have never taken the success of our designs for granted, and realize that to maintain our place as the leader in the alternative wigs market, we must produce what customers want. Our Facebook page has become a popular community of colorful and fashionable individuals who do not like to blend in with the crowd. We always encourage them to express their opinions on what they would like to see from us in the future. We are incredibly blessed to have such creative and loyal fans who truly have become our main inspiration for collection after collection. As a matter of fact, most of the models on our Website started off as devoted customers with a knack for pulling off amazing looks in our wigs. They truly are our muses!

In 2011, we expanded our company and created Rockstar Wigs. With the explosion of wig wearing celebrities in pop culture like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, there was a new demand by customers who wanted us to make wigs in their idols' fashion. We started off making wigs inspired by celebs, and came to an epiphany that not all of our customers want to copy a famous look, they would rather have that "rockstar" aura they could make all their own. Hence, ourDuplicity Collection was launched - Quickly followed by our Straight Splits.

We hope you love our collections as much as we loved designing them for you. 


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