Requiem One Year Anniversary - Saturday, June 22nd - All Ages!

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Join us on Saturday, June 22nd as we celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Requiem!
This is an 'ALL AGES' event!
† As a special treat for this unearthly occasion Goth Rock/Gloom Rock band Dominion will be performing this night, to rock you straight out of your Winkle Pickers.
† Arrive early to enter our spooky Anniversary contest for your chance to win a FREE ride through a cemetery in a hearse! ^v^
Free edibles for you to sink your fangs into and devour while you get your drink on.. 
^v^ Art exhibit by Ian Wolf Runner ^v^
^v^ Tarot readings by Roland ^v^
^v^ Vending by Retail Therapy Jewelry ^v^
Daniel Skellington (Dark Shadows, The Witching Hour)
Owen (The Church of Hive ~ Portland)
If the Cure, Sisters of Mercy and the Cult had a bastard step-child, it would most certainly be Dominion.. Expelled from the decadent South East Asian city of Manila, Philippines, the band is remembered for corrupting the youth of the 90's with doomsday scenarios, cloudy hopeless themes and just a reflection of that helpless environment. Currently on American soil, they promise to spill some tales of their forefathers, and sing a few songs in a foreign language that you wish was translated to teach you what Aswangs are all about....
"DOMINION are undoubtedly the founders of gothic rock-hard and pure in the Asian continent" - Erba della Strega Magazine (Italy) 2009
"Formed in Manila, The Philippines around the early Nineties, Dominion came and defined themselves from every other band of that moment by delivering a unique look and sound very uncommon of that place and time, allegedly celebrated by the Media and Fans in their Motherland as "the Philippine forefathers of Goth rock", The Band views this fondly in the words of frontman Doi Porras as "It's all Rock and Roll to Me" quoted in Major Filipino Rock mag; PULP Magazine".
"More concerned with developing a distinct rock sound, Dominion would be safely described by combining a powerful mix of haunting atmosphere, progressive rock and 80's influences that envelopes their Eastern heritage in symbols and visions.
When asked, Doi mentioned "Our roots no doubt is a combination of Post-punk, Hard Rock and most importantly 80's Gothic Rock. Presently, I feel the band has sharply evolved into what I would like to call "Gloom rock" or maybe " Progressive Gloom Rock " if that holds any bearings.."
Influences: The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission UK, The Cult, FIelds of the Nephilim, David Bowie, 80s post punk, Peter Murphy
$5 before 10:30 $7 after
2183 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110