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Summon the Others !

VAMPINAY ( I Don't Care Productions)


"Science fiction and horror films are the best crossover generas because it allows us to be able to talk about some of the real world's most difficult issues in a hyper fictional universe."

Matthew Abaya: Director/Editor/Writer/Producer/Director of Photography/Actor/School Teacher

Matthew Abaya studied filmmaking at City College of San Francisco Film Dept and the College of San Mateo while earning his degree in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University. He is particularly interrested in making horror films as a crossover to advance the images of Asian Pacific Americans in the mass media. Abaya began screening his 1st short film Earthworms in 1999's San Francisco's 17th Annual Asian American Film film festival and was nominated for the 1st AMMY 2000 awards for his short film Embrace Madness. Abaya has curated various Bay Area short film programs for KSW Next's APAture, The Hapa Issues Forum, Asian American Theater company and Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center. He is moving forward to make his first feature length film "Duwende"

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