Regensburger Gothic Treffen 2012


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INFO about Regensburg Gothic Treffen 2012

13th -15. July 2012

Here you will find information on individual locations, directions, parking and accommodation etc.

security, toilets, etc. 
market and street festival


Location - Villa Park

East Street / Schmetzer Adolf-Strasse - Regensburg

The festival site is located approximately 1.5 acres in Villa Park between the Adolf-Strasse Schmetzer and the Danube. The main entrance is at the Adolf-Strasse Schmetzer adjacent to the historic "Ostentor", an old town gate of Regensburg.

Situated on the shores of the Danube in the far east of Regensburg extends the "Villa Park". 
owes its name to the park located there the royal villa of King Maximilian II of Bavaria, the neo-Gothic building mid-19th Century had built as his summer residence.

This beautiful villa overlooking the moat also be built in the covered stage (12x10m) is. In the upper part of the park is our Renaissance Faire .

Map Villa Park

Aerial view Villa Park

Photos Villa Park

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Location - Old Malthouse (warm-up party on Friday and after-show party on Saturday)

Gallows Road 20

On Friday, 13 Place in July 2012, from 22:00 clock in the Old Malthouse , Galgenbergstr. 20, 
an RGT-warmup-party instead.

The admission at the box office is 5, - € (with festival ticket for free of course).

In addition, it is in the Mälze on Saturday from 22:00 clock a great after-show party pass on several areas with many DJs.

Admission at the door is 7, - € (of course with festival ticket free).


The Old Malthouse is accessible from Villa Park with the line 10 in ten minutes (bus stop is Haydnstr. Mälze the front of the building). The plan of line 10 you will find HERE , more bus schedules under

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  1. Camping

  2. Hostel

  3. Hostel (hostel card only)

  4. Abotel

  5. Hotels in Regensburg

  6. Private accommodations / Apartments

Because of Villa Park is located in the city of Regensburg, there are tents directly on or near the festival site, unfortunately, no way. But there is in the Regensburg Azur camping outside and still very few idyllic camping opportunities.

In addition, we have in our Forum created a space for the exchange of accommodations.



Some nice people are nice enough private accommodation for less money for RGT visitors.

Currently Available:



If interested in any of the accommodation or if you would like to offer a place to sleep in Regensburg,please contact us via EMAIL We will forward ... 
(As I said, this is it only important that we make contact, the RGT assumes no liability.)



There are several ways to free parking within walking distance of Villa Park.

  1. Parking "Lower Woehrd" - Wöhrdstrasse 62 (on the opposite side of the Danube to the Villa Park)

  2. Fairground - On a Protzenweiher

  3. Parking facilities in Regensburg

As a close, but unfortunately still paying the alternative car park is at the Dachau court.





If you encounter problems please feel immediately to the Security Forces. 
Please always follow the instructions of security personnel!


Medical care

For medical emergencies, we have paramedics on site in use.



The toilets are located in the rear of the grounds, on the side facing the Danube, at the back entrance. 
Please can extract the exact location of the toilets of the signs at the festival site. 
toilet for wheelchair users is available.



No animals of any kind is prohibited throughout the festival grounds, unfortunately!


Food and beverages

In the inlets to the venue a security check is carried out by the stewards. Is only allowed to bring your non-alcoholic beverages in PET bottles, max. 1 liter per person.



Each festival visitors are liable for any damage caused to the festival site, as well as the parking lots.


Photo / film and sound recordings

The following types of cameras are expected to be accepted: small compact cameras (digital + analog).Video cameras are not permitted, analog and digital SLR cameras and audio recorders all! audio and video recordings are strictly prohibited - Violators will be prosecuted!




Normally allowed young people between 14 and 16 years visit to 22 clock events and youth between 16 and 18 to 24 Clock. For longer events visit young people need a power of attorney and guardian of their persons per one adolescent age, education companion asked. You need this power of attorney that is only if you want the evening to go to the aftershow party.


Erziehungbeautragter the purposes of the Act, any other person over 18 years unless they perceive a result of an agreement with the person's guardian or guardian of the tasks. These individuals have set out their permission in writing upon request. 
That means, for example, if each adolescent an adult escort (siblings, friends ...) where, and confirmed a parent with a written agreement, that person assumes the role as Education Officer for you, You can visit the event up to the power of attorney promised time.

After you find such an agreement, only to be filled accordingly. You must be completely filled. 
WARNING: It only applies in conjunction with a copy of the passport of your guardian / your parents,your passport (personal or child ID) and the identity of the accompanying person. These are controlled at the inlet, so forget your nothing!

Agreement for the transfer of education authority


The black youth

Diagonally across from the Villa Park in the East Street 27, it is probably again the KINDERLAND give the festival streets, with many activities for children of any musical persuasions.

PS For children under 12 free entry, however, allowed only when accompanied by parents.




From Friday to Sunday to power the visitors there will be a small market.

In addition, the whole weekend will take place immediately after the Villa Park the Regensburg STREETS HARD social initiatives eV.



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