Match made in Hell? Gothic couple drinks each other's blood every week
Lia Benninghoff, 20 and Aro Draven, 38 are a couple who are madly in love with each other, literally. The couple makes it a point to drink each other's blood every week. 
The two met through an online dating website. Their gothic lifestyle proved to be an instant attraction for both of them and they started dating. The couple decided to take their relationship a step further, as both of them wanted a more intimate relationship, and hence they decided to drink each other's blood.
The couple describes the blood drinking experience as a magical experience- much more intimate than sex. The couple is contemplating to legalise their 'intimate bond' and have chosen Halloween as their date of marriage.
The girl's parents are still unaware that their beloved daughter has converted to Vampirism and she is drinking a stranger’s blood. Unaware of their 'intimate bond' the parents are happy about the union.
The duo is not the only blood drinking species. There are a number of people around the world, who drink blood to live a happy life. Wikes Barre drinks two-liters of blood every day. She sucks the liquid from the backs of willing donors she meets at an occult and oddities store she runs near her home. She says that she feels healthier and stronger when she drinks human blood from 'willing donors.