ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: The Cult really cooking on ‘Choice of Weapon’

By Ken Kolasinski


The Cult, in support of their new CD "Choice of Weapon," will play the Electric Factory on Sunday, June 10.


“I think that album does have its moments,” conceded Duffy, who’ll appear with the Cult this Sunday at the Electric Factory. “It was an entirely different situation, where we tried to kind of do it in a set, short time period.

“Me and Ian had just gotten back together. We hadn’t done the hours on the road to really get everything going again and then, bang, we were in the studio.”

For “Choice of Weapon,” the band paced itself, with a series of recording sessions in New York, Los Angeles and the California desert between July and December of last year.

“We took a breather between sessions,” said Duffy. “It really wasn’t forced. I think we took a very forensic approach to it.

“Me and Ian kind of lock ourselves in a room and almost forensically go about seeing what we have. He’ll tell me he wants to hear everything I have, every riff. He then sees what he has lyrically and we start to see what will work together, what fits together nicely.”

Interestingly, that process sometimes takes far longer than you’d think for Duffy and Astbury, who have been working together for three decades. Despite the immediateness of the album, one song, “The Wolf” has been hanging around for some time.

“I had the main riff for years,” said Duffy. “I played it for Ian early on and he wasn’t impressed. We did something with it and it just didn’t work.

“It kept hanging around, though, in this almost torturous way. We just couldn’t get it right. During these sessions, Ian sang some lyrics to it and I was like ‘Wow!’ What he did with it in that moment was exactly that sound I think I was looking for with it. It was quite a labor of love to make that song happen.

“It isn’t the most important song on the album and it’s isn’t the least important song on the album. But it was a real example of how Ian and me work and come together.